Company profile

Company Name
Fukashiro Corporation
August 1924
49 million yen
Yo-hei Fukashiro
Head Office
1-2-1 Kuramae Taito-ku Tokyo Japan
Zip Code 111-0051
Tel. 81 (country code)-3(district code)-3851-9211
Fax.81 (country code)-3(district code)-3851-2098
Main Goods
Smoking Articles,Torch burner,Accessories,Stationeries,Grooming goods,
Life miscellaneous goods Bag & Leather goods
Bank Reference
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
◆History of company


Morisaburo Fukashiro, the founder of Fukashiro Corporation
started his business specializing in imported smoking articles
from Europe, and wholesaling to department stores mainly.


Tetsuro Fukashiro(the founder's second son) appointed as president.


Established Fukashiro Shoji Co.,Ltd. as a supplier to wholesalers of smokers goods.


New head office building opened at the present address.


Established the division of leather goods business.

2003 Acquired Smoking Specialty Shops, "KAGAYA" to become a member of Fukashiro Group.
2005 Acquired IM Corona brand from lshimitsu Kinzoku Kogyo Co., Ltd.
2007 Merged Komai Co.,Ltd. (Men's accessories goods) with Fukashiro Corporation.
Fukashiro Shoji Co.,Ltd. merged with Hirota & Co.,Ltd. and changed the name into Lightec Inc.
2009 Tetsuro Fukashiro appointed as Chairman
Yo-hei Fukashiro appointed as President.
2015 Tetsuro Fukashiro retire as chairman.
2021 Acquired the torch burner division from Style Corporation.

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